Slip & Fall Related Injuries

Slip & Fall Related Injuries

Cornerstone Performance Center has been effective at helping patients who have suffered from slip and fall injuries.  Chiropractic is very effective at realigning structures that have been displaced and misaligned due to the trauma associated with slip and fall injuries.  Soft tissue techniques used at the clinic are very effective at relieving pain and restoring normal range of motion and joints in the body.

Every Day You Delay Can Cost You

The longer you wait to have accident related injuries evaluated, treated and documented - the harder it becomes to support your case in the event you choose to seek legal council. Just as important, undiagnosed and untreated injuries can complicate and delay the treatment process and add to your pain and suffering.

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Almost all large and local attorney firms know the reputation of Cornerstone Performance Centere and the excellent treatment received as well as excellent records and documentation.

Don’t Assume You Aren’t Hurt after a Slip or Fall Injury - Even if you Feel Fine

Not all slip & fall related injuries are apparent at the time of the fall or even for hours or days afterward. Pain and injuries can show up well after the fall, so it is important that you not delay evaluation, treatment and documentation of your injuries related to a slip & fall accident.

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