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Patient Stories

I came to Sparlin health care because I was suffering with neck & back pain. I had never tried chiropractic before, and I did have my doubts… However, Sparlin health care left me with a good first impression. My doctor even gave me beneficial suggestions such as eating right & exercising. There was never a long wait. I recommend that anyone who is suffering with pain to come in and see Dr. K.

D. Whitehead

I was involved in an auto accident. I injured my low back, neck and shoulders. I decided to come to Sparlin Health Care because I needed relief. Although I had not been treated by a chiropractor before, I had no doubts about its effectiveness. I thought Sparlin Health Care had a very professional atmosphere. My chiropractor recommended exercise and proper nutrition. I am now more flexible and able to rest better. Not only that but I am more relaxed and have more energy. Chiropractic certainly works.

C. Johnson

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. I suffered from pain particularly on my left side. I felt numb all over. My hand and shoulder also ached. I suffered with this for 3 months. The pain was so severe I had to take strong prescription medications for relief. I was referred to a chiropractor by my physician. I had never been to a chiropractor before. What impressed me about Sparlin Health Care is that the treatment also helped my muscle pain, and the doctor also taught me how to do at home care as well as exercises. I treated for approximately 6½ weeks at Sparlin Health Care, and now I feel better. I recommend that anyone who is suffering or in pain come here and get the help they need because it worked for me. Chiropractic care is good. They give you good therapy and work to make sure you get better and get back on your feet. That is their #1 goal.

E. Eddie

I was in a car accident where I was rear ended. I had to take pain medication to get relief. I decided to try chiropractic because I believed it would help me feel better. So, I came to Dr. Krolikowski (Dr. K) at Sparlin Health Care. I feel better now. I recommend anyone who has been injured or is suffering with pain to come to see Dr. K. He is the best! I feel 100% better.

M. Anderson

I was recently involved in an auto accident where I injured my lower back. When I came to Sparlin Health Care they gave me a very good feeling. My doctor suggested that I just take it easy for a while. Now, I feel better. If you have been injured in an auto accident or suffer from pain, come see Dr. Sparlin.

J. Chandler

I suffered from lower and upper back pain. My mother suggested that I try chiropractic, so I came to Sparlin Health Care. On my first visit to their office, I knew that they would help me. I was prescribed 15 treatments including therapy. I got way better! I recommend anyone who has been suffering with pain to come to Sparlin Health Care. It is a wonderful experience.

S. Morgan